Professional Translation

Translation is a task that requires a great deal of professionalism, skill, precision and attention to detail. At Globus Translations, we believe that the best way to achieve the optimal result on all projects, whether in Hebrew to English translation, website translation, app translation, or in any other type of professional translation, is through continuous learning and dedication.   At Globus Translations, you will be served by a staff of translators with a professional, critical perspective, and many years of experience and knowledge, allowing us to meet the very highest standards.

Business translation is a field that encompasses a wide variety of subject matters requiring translation. These include business plans, presentations, company profiles, financial correspondence, reports, price quotes and more. Globus Translations’ team of translators has an understanding of business and economics, and the ability to think strategically, and analyze and review the various documents required to prepare the translation. In addition to providing professional and in-depth translation, our team of translators is dedicated to realizing the client’s business goals, with the aim of maximizing the benefit derived from translating the documents.

Consecutive interpreting involves the translation of spoken text after the speaker has concluded. Interpreting of this type is required in environments such as court hearings, meetings with foreign guests, staff meetings and even telephone conversations.
Simultaneous interpreting involves very rapid spoken translation in real time, which is transmitted through earphones to the audience. Interpreting of this kind is used, for example, to interpret lectures, conferences or various other events, while maintaining the continuity of speech and keeping in mind the relevant contexts.

Legal Translation

Accompanied by translators who are attorneys or who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the subject of legal translation, Globus Translations is capable of translating the rich and unique field of legal terminology with a high degree of skill, expertise and professional accuracy. Globus Translations provides legal translations for various types of documents, including: Agreements, work contracts, legal articles, wills and inheritances, financing agreements, power of attorney, patents, software contracts, marriage certificates, birth certificates, police records, passports and authorizations, immigration documents, websites for law firms, website terms of use, internet contracts, court rulings, copyright agreements and engagement contracts between consumers and companies.

Notarized Translation

Notarized translation of documents such as affidavits, certificates, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates, as well as other documents, requires professional, accurate and reliable translation, where these documents are intended for filing for authorization of the personal status of the client or its rights, as a result of such status. At Globus Translations, these translations are performed by a notary who accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Therefore, Globus Translations takes care of the entire process, thereby sparing the client from having to involve itself unnecessarily with various parties, and from the loss of time and hassle associated with this process.

The process of translating a product or service in a manner which adapts it to the needs and customs of a different population group than the group for which it was originally developed requires an in-depth understanding of the language, culture and functional needs of the target audience. For this purpose, Globus Translations has established a unique platform for providing professional language services, which includes: Translating the text for users, bridging over cultural gaps and adapting the subject matter to the local terminology.
All of this is performed according to the following work method:
Maintenance of a terminology lexicon – Translation – Editing – QA (performing the translation) – Market-adapted product.

The field of medicine is highly complex, and involves a great deal of specific terminology. The use of an incorrect term, or even a term which is similar yet imprecise, could lead to harmful errors. Globus Translations, with the accompaniment of its team of quality translators, who are skilled and highly knowledgeable regarding the extensive field of medical terminology – including several translators who are themselves physicians – recognizes the decisive importance of providing reliable medical translations, and delivers uncompromisingly professional translations, every time. Globus Translations provides medical translations of various types, including: Training manuals and catalogs for medical products and medical equipment, drug instruction booklets, scientific articles, medical websites and software programs, regulations and standards, patent registration applications, physician recommendations for continuing treatment, expert opinions, medical test results and physician references, presentations and multimedia, invoices, accident reports and insurance forms.

The world of finance is central to the day-to-day lives of all, whether as a business client or private client, when working vis-à-vis various entities such as banks, providers, government entities, shareholders, investors and more. In order to provide clear and accurate translations of various financial subjects, Globus Translations’ team of translators has a great deal of practical experience, and is partly comprised of CPA’s who ensure the preparation of accurate financial translations, in accordance with the various developments and changes in the field. Globus Translations provides translations on the following subjects (among others): Quarterly and annual financial statements, prospectuses, reports to the stock exchange, auditing, IPO’s, pay stubs, market surveys, feasibility evaluations, bank documents, business plans for various entities, and more.

Transcription involves the conversion of spoken text (in real time or through recordings) into written text. The preparation of high-quality transcriptions is a complex task requiring advanced equipment and accurate, high quality, discreet and reliable work habits.
Globus Translations assigns transcription tasks to the required number of people in order to provide transcriptions which are properly edited and free of spelling errors.
Globus Translations provides transcription services of various types, including: Recordings in all languages, including home recordings, meetings, discussions and interviews, arbitration meetings and minutes, conferences and lectures, and transcription for court purposes.

Technical translation includes the translation of subjects such as civil engineering, structural engineering, user guides, operating instructions for devices, and more. The importance of using accurate and appropriate terms in this field is critical and significant. Globus Translations has a team of translators who are knowledge in the various fields of technology, with an in-depth understanding of the cultural and work differences between countries.

Globus Translations provides technical translations on a wide variety of subjects, including: User manuals, scientific articles on subjects involving engineering and IT, websites and software programs, engineer opinions, house inspections, building deficiency reports, and more.

Globus Translations is able to provide translations for nearly all of the 6,000 active languages around the world, thanks to its professional, high-quality team of translators.

Over 500 million people around the world speak the English language, and this number continues to grow. Therefore, the English language serves as the main means of communication used in most areas of life, and as such, is a highly extensive language with many dual meanings, requiring precise and accurate translation. Globus Translations’ team of translators understands the complexity of this language, and provides highly professional and refined translations, thanks to their native command of the language.

The translation process becomes even more complex when the document requires translation from the Hebrew language into English. This task can only be performed by expert translators, such as the team of translators of Globus Translations, who are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding the various layers involved in translations of this kind.

Spanish is currently the third most spoken language around the world, and therefore holds a significant share of global markets. Spanish translation requires a great deal of familiarity with unique customs and cultures, in order to ensure correspondence between the content and the context. The team of translators of Globus Translations is highly experienced and skilled in translating the language consistently, uniformly and accurately.

French is an important historical language and the second most taught language around the world, and is therefore used in most international institutions. Translation into French requires a comprehensive understanding of the grammar and linguistics of the French language. Globus Translations’ team of translators is highly familiar with the particularities of the language, and specialized in translating the source content and context into a target document which is easy to read and understand.

Russian is the most spoken language in Europe, and the mother tongue of over one million citizens in the State of Israel. Russian translations are usually needed for the various bureaucratic channels, and require clear and accurate translation. The team of translators of Globus Translations is highly knowledgeable regarding the grammar and syntax of the Russian language, and provides professional, accurate translations, every time.

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language around the world, and one of the most important languages in the modern world. The Arabic language includes many unique phrases, and therefore, translation into this language requires particular attention to quality and authenticity. The team of translators of Globus Translations has comprehensive knowledge of Arabic language and culture, thereby ensuring high-quality, reliable and accurate translations.

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