Joint Project of the European Union and the Ministry of Communication

After hearing several recommendations, I contacted you for the translation of a governmental legal document.

Beyond the fact that the translation was very high quality, and was performed under significant time pressure, the aspect that made me want to stay most was the service. No matter how many times I called to change the wording and other details, I always heard a smile on the other side of the line. Everything was calm and under control, with a “no problem” approach. 🙂

Thank you for your extraordinary service and attentiveness, and of course for the quality of the end product.

We wish you much success in the future.

Daniel Aviran   Coordinator, Twinning Project

Defensive Shield Holdings Ltd.

Globus Translations has been providing translation services to Defensive Shield for a long time. Excellent quality translations in many languages (Russian, English, Spanish, French, and more), availability, speed, and friendly service, all make the difference between a good translation company and an excellent translation company.

Every time I have contacted Globus Translations, I have received excellent, attentive service, to my complete satisfaction.

I recommend that you entrust your translation projects to Globus Translations!

Alex Kushnir   Business Development Manager

Taam Teva Altman

After two years of working together, I can highly recommend having professional translations done through Globus Translations Ltd. We have had medical and other translation projects performed by Globus Translations, from Hebrew to English, Russian, Polish and Arabic.

The service is quick and efficient; the prices are completely reasonable; and the quality is very high.

Yehuda Korel   Advertising and Print Productions Manager

“Simply Singing” Events

For the second year in a row, “Simply Singing” has used the services of Globus Translations for the translation of songs from Hebrew into Arabic, and from Arabic into Hebrew. As is well known, translating is not the same as translating an ordinary document, because it requires sensitivity and experience in finding a precise meaning which is not only literal, but is often also metaphorical, or has multiple meanings.

I am delighted to say that every time I assign a translation task to Globus’ team of translators, I am always pleased to receive the result: a high-quality, pleasant and very readable translation. Beyond the excellent work of the translators, I would also like to commend the pleasant service I received from Einav, and the efforts to provide fast service. I frequently enjoy receiving the jobs earlier than the agreed-upon deadline.

I would be happy to continue working in collaboration with Globus Translations, and will surely recommend Globus to anyone who needs translation work done.

Rachel Alkabetz   Event Coordinator

.Candex Technologies, Ltd

We have been working with Globus Translations since 2011 and have been very pleased with the quality and precision of their work.  Globus has helped us translate our website, including many industry-specific terms, into French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. The translations were always of high quality and on time.  We would certainly recommend Globus to any company in need of reliable, high quality translation work

.We look forward to continuing to work with you

Michelle Sofge   Office Manager

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