Q & A about content translations

One page includes approximately 250 words, and is defined as a “translation unit” which is used for pricing purposes.

For documents in Word 2003 format: First mark the required text, then click on “Tools” in the upper menu, and choose the option “Word Count”.
For documents in Word 2007+ format: Click the “Review” header on the ribbon, then click the button “Word Count”. Note: make sure to select the check box “Include text boxes, footnotes and endnotes”. Also make sure that no text is selected when calculating the word count, since otherwise, the word count will only include the selected text.

The minimum translation charge is one page. Therefore, even if the submitted document contains less than 250 words, the price will be calculated according to a one-page translation.

We are available to our customers also in the evening hours and on weekends, in order to provide solutions for urgent cases. It should be noted that the scope and complexity of the material are important in urgent cases. Therefore, urgent jobs usually involve a 25% price increase, while highly urgent jobs require a 50% increase.

Google Translate is an excellent assistive tool for those who need no more than a general and superficial understanding of a text. However, it is important to understand that in machine translation, the system translates the various words and phrases in a technical and literal manner, without taking into account the specific linguistic and grammatical characteristics of the text. Only an expert human translator who is knowledgeable in the field of translation and in the relevant languages will be able to maintain the continuity and correctness of the translation in a manner which ensures that not even one word is mistranslated.

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