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New service offered by Globus Translations: Professional drafting and editing of marketing texts

We are surrounded by text in all directions: in newspaper headlines, on the internet, in advertisements, and much more. The communicators who create these messages are competing over the attention of their target audience, the audience, and wish to convey a certain message to them, at any given moment. They surround them with infinite messages, all of which amount to two simple words: “Read me!”. Competition is not a simple matter for business owners. This is particularly true in light of the fact that the target audience becomes blind to various publications. This issue is dealt with by many advertisers and business owners who ponder how to overcome this barrier.

Globus Translations Breaks New Ground

We at Globus Translations believe that intelligent, accessible marketing copy, which corresponds to the needs of your target audience, will do the job well. Well written text will help you stand out and move your business forward! Our copywriting department can create texts that are perfectly tailored to the needs and expectations of your target market, in order to generate the full desired effect, while transmitting a clear message to your audience.

Transmitting intelligent messages

  • Earn the initial attention of your target audience
  • Transmit a relevant and clear message which is specifically tailored for the target audience
  • Create a call to action for the target audience, i.e. – to buy the product or service you are offering

Marketing copy can save you resources!

Sometimes we know exactly what we want to say, although it doesn’t come out exactly as we wanted. It doesn’t “flow”, or the message is unclear. This results in a waste of our valuable resources and time. Therefore, we recommend saving these valuable resources for promoting your business, and leaving the work to us. Our copywriters will make your text accessible to the target market, so you can rest assured that your return on investment is secure!

Our services include:

  • Writing complete, original website text, including marketing articles
  • Writing effective landing pages
  • Copywriting services include writing slogans, advertisements and banners
  • Writing business profiles for websites and professional social networks – LinkedIn
  • Writing marketing brochures for customers
  • Writing newsletters for distribution to customers
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