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The importance of French translation is due to the fact that the language is very widespread throughout the world, and also because it serves as an official language for different organizations, such as the United Nations, the European Union, and others. Due to the fact that communication with these organizations is conducted in French, in addition to other languages, the translator must have in-depth expertise of the French language when performing translation of French documents, business offers, etc.
French is one of the most important languages in the world, and is considered the second most studied language, after English. French is also the mother tongue of over 70 million people, including residents of former French colonies, such as Quebec in Canada, French Guinea, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Tahiti, and more, as well as many European countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. However, it should be noted that despite the many dialects of French, the Parisian dialect is the standard dialect used around the world. Similarly to Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other Romance languages, French is highly influenced by Latin, in terms of both vocabulary and alphabet.

Did you know?

  • French is one of the three working languages of the European Union, and one of only two languages used in the Secretariat of the United Nations.
  • Major international institutions such as the UN Building in Geneva and the European Parliament in Brussels are located in territories where French is spoken.
  • French served as the world’s lingua franca until English “took over the world”, and was previously the second language used in the passports of many countries, including Israel.
  • French is also a very important language in academia, and many academic publication are written in the language.
  • There are many differences between the French dialect spoken in France, and the French dialect spoken in other countries, such as Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. If a legal document from one of those countries states that one person met another person for “dejeuner”, and an ordinary translator, versed only in the dialect spoken in France, translates the term as “lunch”, this would be a gross error, since in those countries, the word means “breakfast” (in France: “petit dejeuner”).

French Translation by Globus Translations: Faithful to the Source

As with any other language, it is very important to remember that simply being bilingual does not make one a translator.  French translation is a more complex process than simply converting from one language to another, and requires an in-depth understanding of the language, customs and culture of the target audience. A professional translator translating from Hebrew into French must be highly aware of the grammatical differences between the languages, and of the characteristics of each language, and must have experience and expertise in the art of translation, which allow him or her to produce a result which flows naturally and is easily understood.

Globus Translations has an extensive team of experienced and professional translators from all over the world, who have been carefully selected in order to allow us to provide the best possible translation service to our customers. This is based on the understanding that French translation is more than just converting text from one language to another, and on an understanding of the importance of the context and content of the material. Globus Translations makes sure to assign the very best translators to each translation project, in order to ensure consistency and uniformity, and to provide a French translation that is faithful to the source document.

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