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Globus Translations provides language translation services to business customers and private customers. The company specializes in providing solutions for leading companies, including website translation, medical translation, legal translation, localization, and translations to and from languages such as Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French and more.
Thanks to our dedicated support and the professional work performed by our team of translators, Globus Translations is committed to delivering translations of the highest quality, and to delivering excellent translation services within the customer’s required timeframe.

Globus Translations has over 100,000 satisfied customers from all over the world

Why Choose Globus Translations?


Translation at a high level of quality and accuracy, by a carefully selected team of translators committed to providing professional and reliable translation services.

Tailored To Your Needs

Each translation project, whether medical, commercial, financial or technical, is assigned to an experienced translator, who specializes in the relevant field, and has in depth knowledge of the required language.


Dedicated, personalized service throughout the entire process, to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

High availability

We are available to our customers at all times, including on weekends.


Commitment to complete confidentiality regarding the contents of all documents and other media.

A wide range of languages

Translation services for a wide range of languages, from the most common to the rarest.

High Quality Translation Services


Translation involving adaptation of a product or service to a different population than that for which it was originally developed.

Financial Translation

Translation of the following documents, among others: quarterly and annual financial statements, prospectuses, stock exchange announcements, audits, IPO’s, pay stubs, market surveys, feasibility evaluations, bank documents, business plans for various entities, and more.

Medical Translation

Globus Translations, accompanied by its team of high quality translators, who are skilled and highly knowledgeable regarding the extensive field of medical terminology – including several translators who are themselves physicians – recognizes the decisive importance of providing reliable medical translations, and delivers uncompromisingly professional translations, every time.

Legal Translation

Accompanied by translators who are attorneys or who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of legal translation, Globus Translations is capable of translating the rich and unique field of legal terminology with a high degree of skill, expertise and professional accuracy.

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