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The ability to translate from Hebrew to English is a highly in-demand skill. In the global village of the 21st century, one language towers above all others in terms of its importance and ubiquity – English. Most of the people in the world today speak English to a certain degree. However, not everyone who is capable of understanding and reading English is also capable of translating English to Hebrew, and translating in the opposite direction – from Hebrew to English – even more complex. This is where Globus Translations enters the picture and helps you connect to the world, by turning Hebrew to English translations into a simple matter, performed smoothly and perfectly.

Translation – More Than Just Language

The English language is in very widespread use around the world, and similarly to Hebrew, has its own conventions and norms which integrate various cultural codes and registers. Proper command of all of these skills is available to a select few experts, and although the differences might be insignificant to the inexperienced listener, native speakers of English will notice them immediately. Additionally, incorrect use of the language, and a misunderstanding of the relevant cultural codes, could lead not only to an unprofessional, haphazard impression, but even to insult and anger. For this reason, Hebrew to English translation is considered a complex service, which should only be entrusted to translators who are experienced in translations of this kind.

The Need for Hebrew to English Translation

In light of the fact that the English language is considered the official lingua franca of the world, the need to perform Hebrew to English translations arises quite frequently:

  • Translation of business documents
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of marketing texts
  • Translation of scientific texts
  • Literary translation
  • Translation of subtitles
  • Simultaneous interpreting

Effectively, since more and more people in Israel understand enough English to get by, even without translation, Hebrew to English translations are required more frequently than the reverse, since translation into English serves as the customer’s face to the world. Every single word is important, and there is no room for error!

Why use the Hebrew to English Translation Services of Globus Translations?

Translation is never a simple process. It is an art and a science which requires a great deal of professionalism and experience. The more is at stake, the greater the importance of entrusting the job to experienced, skilled professionals. Even if you won’t to notice the difference between one translation and another, it is important to understand that your target audience will notice, and very easily.

At Globus Translations, we work only with very experienced professionals, who have a perfect understanding of both the Hebrew and the English languages. You can therefore rest assured that every English – Hebrew you receive will be perfect.

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