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Many global companies operating in Israel also operate in, or have business relationships with, Spanish speaking countries. Globus Translations has a great deal of experience in Spanish translation and in performing the localization of websites, products and services.

Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world (when including both those who speak Spanish as their mother tongue, and as a foreign language). It is preceded only by Mandarin Chinese, English and Hindi. In addition to Spain, Spanish is also the mother tongue in many other countries, such as Equatorial Guinea, countries in the Caribbean, all of Latin America except for Brazil, as well as many Hispanic immigrants in Europe, the United States, Australia and more.

In Israel, as a small country with a relatively insignificant local market, many global companies operate vis-à-vis foreign companies. Many of those companies operate in Spanish speaking countries, or have trade, research and development relations with those countries. At Globus Translations, we have completed thousands of Spanish translations in various areas, such as security, medical drugs, medical equipment, legal translations, as well as localization and translation of many websites.

When it comes to Spanish translation, there is “more than just one Spanish”

When translating into Spanish, it is very important to know the location of the target audience, since there is a great deal of variability when translating for Spain, as opposed to other countries. Although all Spanish speakers will be able to read and understand the text, with Spanish, as with many other languages, there are minor differences which are unique to each country. This information also helps to perform the required adjustments, in accordance with the local customs and culture. Thus, for example, the word “torta” means cake in many Spanish speaking countries, while in Mexico it means sandwich. However, in Mexico, “ torta de chocolate” means chocolate cake, and not chocolate sandwich.

The importance of Spanish in the Israeli market

Spanish translation can be especially important for companies which are interested in expand into large Spanish speaking markets. It goes without saying that similarly to translation into Spanish, translation from Spanish into Hebrew is also a very important service, primarily due to the amount of cultural material published each year in Spanish, including books, films, magazines and more, which require translation into Hebrew in order to reach the Israeli audience. In this context, it should be noted that exposure to Spanish in Israel has increased significantly in recent years. This is due to the processes of globalization and the availability of cultural materials from Spain and Latin America, including films, television series, telanovelas (soap operas) and sports.
In Spanish translation, as with translation into any other language, the translator must have an in-depth understanding of the language, customs and culture of both the source country and the target country, in order to ensure a professional, accurate translation. In a language such as Spanish, which is spoken in so many countries, with significant differences between them in terms of dialect and culture, this need becomes all the more important. Thus, for example, a translator from Spain can translate the sentence “I need to catch the bus” as “Tengo que coger el autobus”. This translation would be acceptable in Spain, but not in Latin America, where “coger” is a sweat word. A professional Spanish translator will be more aware of the grammatical and semantic differences between the languages, and of the unique characteristics of each language, and will also be experienced in the art of translation. This experience and expertise will result in a translation which is readable, flows well and most importantly – is better understood by the reader.

Hebrew – Spanish / Spanish – Hebrew Translations at Globus Translations

Globus Translations has an extensive team of experienced and professional translators from all over the world, who have been carefully selected in order to allow us to provide the best possible translation service to our customers. This is based on the understanding that Spanish translation involves more than just converting text from one language to another, and on an understanding of the importance of the context and content of the material. Globus Translations makes sure to assign the very best translators to each translation project, in order to ensure consistency and uniformity, and to provide a Spanish translation that is faithful to the source document.

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