Technical Translation

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Technical translation is one of the most complex and elaborate types of translation, requiring in-depth, extensive knowledge and expertise of the subject matter of the original document. Globus Translations therefore works only with the best translators, who are capable of delivering high-quality, precise translations. They say that “a doctor’s mistake can injure one person, but an engineer’s mistake can injure many people”.  In technical translation there is no room for errors. This is true not only in fields such as civil engineering and construction engineering, where even minor mistakes can result in loss of human life, but also in the translation of “simpler” texts, such as user guides and equipment usage instructions. This is particularly true in the case of products which are used by an older population with less experience with modern technology.

The importance of technical translation

Operating instructions which are difficult to understand can reduce both efficiency and output, and can result in significant loss of time and money in terms of the company’s hours of support, and in frustration among users. Even one minor error, such a mistake involving measurement units (inches vs. centimeters, or gallons vs. liters, for example) may have severe implications. For this purpose, development companies use computer assisted design (CAD) software, and employ mechanical engineers as quality testers. An in-depth evaluation of the process and of the end product can prevent cases where a misunderstanding of a particular element might lead to a much larger engineering malfunction during the transition from the planning phase to the actual production phase.

Small differences can have significant consequences

When evaluating the field of technical translation, it is clear that there are many significant differences between the various branches of the field. For example, there are certain terms and signifiers which have a completely different meaning in different operating systems (such as Windows vs. Unix), while in the field of ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, there are significant differences between the interfaces of systems such as Oracle and SAP. Even seemingly simple matters such as keyboard keys can make a tremendous difference, such as the function of the Control key on a Windows system vs. an Apple system.
Due to the importance of accuracy and correct terminology for the specific subject area of the translation, we at Globus Translations ensure that technical translations are done only by professional translators who have in-depth expertise and experience in the particular subject matter and/or in the documentation of the translation subject (domain knowledge), including an understanding of the differences between the different cultures and work processes in each country. All of our translators have native-level command of both the source language and the target language, and are capable of adapting the text to the customs of the target country, instead of merely converting it from one language into another.

Globus Translations offers the following translation services:

  • Translation of training manuals
  • Translation of user guides
  • Translation of scientific articles in the fields of engineering and IT
  • Translation of websites and software programs
  • Translation of engineering opinions, house inspections, building deficiency reports, and more.
  • Translation of presentations and multimedia

We would be happy to show your our work methods and to work together to discover how we can help you become another satisfied customer of ours. Call now – we’d be happy to learn about your needs and provide you with the best solution possible.

To receive a price quote for technical translation, call 072-3306004

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