Translation of Financial Statements

Translations of this kind require an in-depth understanding of the terminology, financial laws and various legal considerations, both in the target country and in the country of origin, meaning that the translator must be knowledgeable regarding the correct localization of the data included in the report, in a manner which is appropriate for the target country.
The team of translators at Globus Translations is a professional team with a comprehensive understanding of economic and financial terminology, and meets the highest standards for reliable and accurate translation, which constitutes a decisive stage in the process of preparing financial statements. The team also places significant emphasis on consistency in the selection of terms, and possesses a great deal of technical knowledge on all matters associated with processing the text and designing complex tables. We at Globus Translations are committed to providing high quality, effective translations, including through the implementation of our “repeating words discount”, which allows us to provide discounts to our customers for repeating words in various types of documents and financial statements.
The financial statements translation process at Globus Translations guarantees the creation and adjustment of a lexicon of terms, professional translation, editing, proofreading and our translation monitoring process, including post-translation paging, all while maintaining complete and absolute confidentiality.
Our financial customers include Bank of Jerusalem, Discount Investment, IDB and Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing.

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