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By delivering website translations, we enable you to increase your customer base and scope of sales, easily and effectively. A business’ website is its direct and primary channel of communication with customers. As is well known, having a web presence is a basic requirement for most businesses today, and therefore require specific cultural adaptation for different markets. For this reason, this field involves not only translation but strategic aspects as well, such as branding, user experience and an understanding of the particular business.

At Globus Translations our team of translators is highly experienced in the translation of websites in various different languages, and has an extensive business understanding, in order to ensure that the translation is matched to the particular preferences of the target market for whom the website’s service or product is intended. additionally, our team is able to analyze the customer population and to evaluate the international community’s level of interest in the site. Our translators are aware of the importance of translating multi-lingual websites, and therefore take into account the entire set of required materials in order to perform not only translation, but also complete, correct localization for the target market.

Website Translation – One Stop Shop for All Services

At Globus Translations, we place a particular emphasis on keeping track of and adjusting to innovations and developments in the global-digital age, and consider this a highly important aspect of our overall success in the website translation segment. We also have a team of translators who are uniquely specialized in translation for the internet, including copywriting, writing and translation of professional articles, flash websites, HTML documents, content management systems, and more.

Complete Confidentiality

At Globus Translations, we are committed to our customers’ privacy, and maintain absolute discretion when performing translation projects, while also remaining committed to complete confidentiality of the materials submitted to us.

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