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Application (“app”) translation can be performed from a foreign language into Hebrew, or from Hebrew into a foreign language, for the purpose of international marketing. This translation process is called localization, a name which in itself indicates the complexity of the process, and the way in which it differs from ordinary, “simple” translation.

App translation is essential to ensure the app’s success in its specific target market, and therefore also requires an in-depth understanding of that market. The term applications is currently primarily associated with smartphones and tablets. Effectively, this includes a broad range of applications, from office management software, through inventory management and order tracking software, to the well known game apps. the English language is currently the world’s lingua franca, and is spoken by most people around the world to a certain degree, and the more substantial and complex applications, the greater the importance of a precise translation, specifically tailored o the needs and customs of the target country, in terms of culture, design and functionality.

Adapting the translation to the country in which the app will be marketed requires attention to cultural and social conventions (speech level, linguistic register), common structures (addresses, telephone numbers, dates, currencies) and certainly also to technical aspects, such as text direction, adjusting text length according to the interface, character sets, etc.

Areas of Emphasis in App Translation

Linguistic – we are all familiar with the infamous translations appearing on the packages of various imported products. Simply converting individual words from one language to another is not a solution. In order to ensure maximum clarity, ease of use and professional impression, it is necessary to linguistically ensure the accuracy and completeness of the app translation. Only by doing so can we provide end customers with a sense of trust in our brand, and the confidence that they are in good hands.
Design – there are many languages with different types of characters and visual appearance. In certain cases, the difference in appearance can simply be glossed over, although when it comes to apps, the design is an extremely important aspect. When the visual side does not meet the expectations of the target market, it can create wrong impressions, elicit negative and problematic cognations, and more. It can be said, for example, that an app translated from the design language of secular people, to the design language of very religious people, will involve the use of different characters, and will even require a different vocabulary. This applies even when both groups speak the very same language.
Functionality – modern apps require frequent modifications and updates, in order to keep relevant, and in order to defend against malware which could harm the app and its users. Even without app translation, this process is complex, with many pitfalls and potential mistakes. Add translation to the mix, and the chance of a mistake which could harm the software’s functionality increases significantly. For this reason, quality assurance for the final product, and tests of its functionality, are an inseparable part of the translation or localization process.

We at Globus Translations have a highly professional and experienced staff, including also skilled QA specialists, including the technical side (such as coding problem which could arise during the process of adapting for the new language) and in terms of the unique needs and customs of each culture. Thanks to a combined effort performed by all three departments, we can ensure that you will receive a perfectly app tailored app, which will provide a complete solution for you and your target market.

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