Translation of Any Subject. Globus Translations.

Professional translation services in a wide variety of languages and subject areas, with a particular focus on matching the subject matter of each translation job to a professional, experienced translator with the appropriate specialization.

Business Vision

The vision of Globus Translations is to provide an effective infrastructure for the global expansion of Israeli companies and organizations, by providing linguistic support and bridging over the language gaps between companies and their foreign customers and distributors, using advanced translation tools and methodologies. Globus Translations is a leader in providing translation services for a wide variety of languages which serve as our link with the world, including English, French, Spanish, and many more, as well as the languages used by residents in the various sectors of Israeli society, such as Arabic, Russian and Amharic.

Globus Translations considers its translators as the primary component of its success, and collaborates with them in order to focus, first and foremost, on the individual needs of its customers, while remaining committed to an attentive, dedicated, honest and long-term relationship.

Natalie Spero, CEO of Globus Translations

Natalie believes in “learning something new every day”, and therefore strives for continuous renewal, learning and progress, an approach which guides her and the staff of Globus Translations towards continuous excellence and growth.

Under her management, our list of satisfied customers expanded to include various companies and organizations, including the Standards Institution of Israel, IDB Group, Bank of Jerusalem, Nike, Harel, Rami Levy, BDO, Horn & Co. Law Offices, DIC, Cellcom, and more.

Globus Translations has over 100,000 satisfied customers from all over the world

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